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Satoshi mining is a term that comes from Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is the unknown creator of Bitcoin. “The very first block mined, the Block 0 (the “genesis block”), contained a hidden section as a “message” from Satoshi Nakamoto containing an ASCII text string that reads:

It has announced a second bank rescue package and hence was on the brink of revealing it. This means that Satoshi Nakamoto must have been alive at the time or he would not be able to mine coins and include them in his initial coinbase transaction.”You can get all the authentic information on the Bitcoin Revolution that can help you to start your journey in bitcoin trading safely. 

Working Mechanism of Satoshi Mining

The working mechanism of Satoshi mining is very different from other traditional types of mining, such as CPU or GPU mining. The process involves using the Hashcash proof-of-work algorithm to produce a valid block which is used to record all transactions made in bitcoins.

Satoshi Nakamoto brought The idea of Bitcoin Mining in the 2009 and many people fell reluctant to take the advantage then, The mining officially started 12/12/2010 and it was totally FREE.. 

But the opportunity pass us by way back then because it was all mined through the computer system.

Nowadays if you mine Bitcoin, you have to pay because everyone knows the advantage.

After 13yrs he brought us the second chance of getting the easy mining version of BITCOIN which is called the BTCs which you can get and Mine for free now. And will be launch on the 1st July this year.

Try to get more BTCs before they launch date. 

As of today's testnet price,1BTCs= $1261.2 US$. 

1BTCs= 1 ETH.

This is another chance to all people have been mining since January 2021 if you haven't taken this opportunity dont waste time to JOIN NOW.

By Dec-12-2022 this opportunity will end.

And before you can get this BTCs again after December, you will have to pay, just like as BTC is now.



- Email and verification email 

- password.

👉 Download the app

- if it's not apk please convert the download fille from bin to apk.


-after you login, it's still not finished yet, you need to do "KYC verification" first before you can start mining..


📌verify you account ( real name authentication)

-provide authentication name

-passport, national ID or license numberk

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