PDP mocks Uzodinma’s frequent visits to Aso Rock, claims terrorists, bandits taking over Imo

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The Director of New Media of the Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Collins Opuruzor, has mocked Governor Hope Uzodinma over the frequent visits to President Muhammadu Buhari without positive outcomes to halt myriads of challenges bedeviling the state.

The PDP spokesman also recorded that the Imo governor had embarked on several visits to Buhari in less than three years, and claimed that Uzodinma only benefits in Aso rock to pose for photographs with the Nigerian leader.

Mr Opuruzor, who spoke through a statement forwarded to DAILY POST on Thursday, also estimated that the time Uzodinma was brought to Imo state on January 15 2020 and now, the Imo helmsman has left the state 116 times, and returned 116 times, squandering 8.3 million from public treasury to hire a private jet for a single trip.

He also alleged that for the 232 times Governor Uzodinma had flown private jets to Abuja, Imo state has possibly lost almost N2 billion, stressing that if such gargantuan sum could be expensed on flying, the entire cost of the leisurely activities and pleasures of the flesh which the accidental ruler chases after in Abuja is better imagined.

According to the party chieftain, “for an entity like Imo where salaries and pensions have remained unpaid, and where Infrastructural decay has become a source of immense sorrow, this penchant for luxury and unguarded lust for good life in far away Abuja by Uzodinma can never be rationalized. 

“What baffles many is that since Uzodinma began his shameless photographic sessions in Aso Rock, there is no single project in Imo which he can claim to have attracted from such vainglorious displays. He skirts around President Buhari possibly for the fun of it and possibly also, to rob it on the faces of his perceived foes that he can have photoshoots with the President whenever he wants.”

Continuing, Opuruzor further regretted, “the pain, however, is that while Uzodinma is lazying around in Abuja, Imo state is burning down to ashes. Just like Emperor Nero who fiddled while Rome burnt, history will record Uzodinma’s fun seeking indulgences in Abuja even when Imo people live in the throes of siege and mass murderers. Today, terrorists, bandits and fundamentalists are expanding their territory in Imo, slaughtering countless innocent citizens, abducting many more, subjecting their captives, including women and children to torture, rape and the most gruesome forms violence and death.

“Since the killings in Imo started, Uzodinma has neither proffered any solution to the ugly situation nor even offered any satisfactory explanation about the causes. He has instead blamed everyone else and everything else for it but himself. If he was duly elected, he would have known that the security of lives and property should be his first-line obligation. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t.

“It is time for President Buhari and his handlers in Aso Rock tell Uzodinma the bitter truth. “Go and solve the problems in your state. Aso Rock is not a photo studio, “the Imo spokesman submitted..


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