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About NeutroDrone

NeutroDrone is a synergy-provident financial organization which provides its stakeholders with the opportunity of accessing a magnanimous percentage of the DOT coin as we strike to accumulate the Polkadot cryptocurrency and Ultimately project towards uplifting our users incredibly whilst we aim to achieve this through the internet incorporated hydraulic droning machine.

There are three type of packages on NeutroDrone

1️⃣Phantom Package ~ N3,000

2️⃣Platinum Package ~ N5,000

3️⃣Predator Package ~ N10,000

1️⃣Phantom Package:

Registration Fee => N3,000

Registration Bonus => N400

Daily Droning => N150

Telecast Shared => N100

Referral Bonus => N1,500

Indirect Referral Bonus => N200

Daily Earnings => N250

2️⃣Platinum Package:

Registration Fee => N5,000

Registration Bonus => N600

Daily Droning => N250

Telecast Shared => N200

Referral Bonus => N2,500

Indirect Referral Bonus => N300

Daily Earnings => N450

3️⃣Predator Package:

Registration Fee => N10,000

Registration Bonus => N1,000

Daily Droning => N500

Telecast Shared => N400

Referral Bonus => N5,000

Indirect Referral Bonus => N500

Daily Earnings => N900

Withdrawal Threshold And Mode Of Withdrawal

Referral Earnings Withdrawal Is Once In A Week, That Is Every Friday

Non Referral Earnings Withdrawal Is Once In A Month That Is Every 30th

Minimum Withdraw For Referral Earnings is :: Phatom package( 3k) has the minimum threshold of 5k,

whilst the Platinum(5k) and Predator Package(10k) shares same threshold of 8k.

Withdrawal can be placed in⏬⏬⏬

Naira & USDT




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