Adaextract account opening


How to register yourself on Adaextract 👇👇👇

1. Pay and have your extraction code from me at your Dm ( click here to message me on whatsapp)2. Copy the extraction code in your Dm3. Click here to proceed after clicking the link for registration make sure you see " reffered by Mickykrain" before proceeding, as shown in the image below

4. You will be taking to your browser then start filling your details such as:  First name, last name, user name, email address, phone number and atleast 8digit password6. On the extraction code section, click and hold to paste the extraction code which you have already copied.7. Thick the small box to accept the terms and privacy8. Finally click on register.You have successfully registered your account.Please Make sure you click on save password when it pop up so that incase you made a mistake on your password you can easily go to your settings and get it.Happy earnings!!



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