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AdaExtract is a well design ecosystem created to provide new equity blockchain opportunity and conversion of CARDANO to legal tender and cashout as at when due. 🧿  Our existing solution offers a portfolio for our users to own a share of CardanoADA through Extraction, Our team is proficient and building a secure, useful and easy to use product on a private blockchain. These include easy cardano ADA payment integration and digital arbitration system. 🧿 Our aim is to integrate all shareholders and business asset into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent and reliable, by doing so eradicate poverty in Africa and as such help us to have good value for our money.🧿 At the end our extraction machine is user friendly and payment method fast and reliable, you just need an Internet enabled device.

JOINING FEE ₦10,000 000/₦5000  HOW ADAEXTRACT WORKS ♻️    *ADAEXTRACT * ⛏️ EXTRACTING CARDANO🏆Register🏆Extract every 24hrs🔥Cardano Network  45Million total supply.                🪙 ADA PRICE   ₦ 5000 (10 ADA) & ₦10,000 (20 ADA) 🦚 Free sign up Bonus. - (2 unit of Cardano ) ₦1000📍  You earn ₦500(1 ADA) when you take part in ADA sponsored POST social activity.📍 DIRECT EARNING  = ₦5800📍 INDIRECT EARNINGS (Lv2-4) = ₦800📍 DAILY EXTRACTION EARNING    =         ₦1000 (2 ADA)  ADAEXTRACT GENERAL EARNINGS POTENTIAL PER MONTH. 1st month       👉    ₦30,0002nd months    👉      ₦75,0003rd months     👉        ₦ 120,000WITHOUT REFERALSImagine you are making steady and withdrawable ₦1,000 daily for life with just 1 time registration without referral. Minimum Withdrawal for Extractors is 15,500.

 🪙 WHY SHOULD I JOIN ADAEXTRACT🧿 Our withdrawal process takes only 24 hours. We are highly transparent about transactions.🧿 ADAEXTRACT is not mining or  read news and comment to earn platform, and as such, no compulsory referal needed. 🧿 All our payouts are fully automated, your earnings are credited to your back office with a unique earnings record tracker.🧿 Cardano is on the top 5 leading crypto currency chart and we are giving you a chance to secure and own as much as you can accumulate.🧿 Your 45% stake is fully automated and paid directly to your account every 30days without any Referral.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS : How much unit of Cardano required for registration in naira? A: 5000(10unit)/10,000(20 unit) Q: After registration, what will I do to earn? A: Adaextract is a multi purpose platform, it's either you Extract to earn or  through affiliate marketing and lastly through Staking which makes you own a share with Adaextract. Q: If I don’t have referrals, Will I earn? A: Absolutely, You will earn. And withdraw and get paid of all your earnings. Q: How do I withdraw my earnings. A: your earnings would be credited to your account after attaining Adaextract minimum withdrawal threshold.  Q: What is the least earnings I can earn in a day. A: You earn nothing less than 1,500 daily.  Q: Will it Crash? A: it would never crash because there would always be enough Cardano to extract and earn. Units of Ada supplied daily is prior to how much profit the platform makes daily.  Q: Will I receive money daily? A: As long as you earn everyday, you can receive profit everyday. It all depends on your hardwork and dedication.  Q: If I join today, When will they pay me? A: You can withdraw your earnings when you attain Adaextract withdrawal threshold. Q: What is the difference between Adaextract and all these mining platform? A: Adaextract has a functional cash reservoir, staking and extracting Cardano is purely the traditional way of accumulating Cardano and as such we are only helping accumulate it in the orthodox way with much ease. The company is equally monitised in different  other ways to ensure consistent extraction cash flow.

Adaextract Stake pool.Our perfectly designed stake dais offers our partners an opportunity to stake certain units of ADA and get 145% of the staked units in 30days of extraction.Our team of crypto extraction experts has designed an automated return of stake profits in 30days of stake.Payment is made in US dollars or Nigerian Naira to our partners' local wallet or bank account.Stake packages.✳️ Star Plan  stake amount 20,000NGN yields 29,000NGN in 30days.✳️ Grand Plan stake amount 30,000NGN yields 43,500NGN in 30days.✳️ Gold plan stake amount is 50,000NGN yields 72,500NGN in 30days.Adaextract is not built to make our partners billionaires in 10 minutes but through gradual and continued partnership we will build an empire of financially independent persons.


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