Expert advises parents on drug abuse

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Dr Adedotun Ajiboye, a Clinical Psychologist, Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, has advised parents to prevent drug abuse in young people.

Ajiboye, who gave the advice in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, told parents to speak to children about the consequences of the act and the importance of making healthy choices.

He stated that drug abuse is a social menace in society that is ruining many lives, especially the health of the users, families, communities, labour organisations, and nations across the world.

“Talk honestly with your child about healthy choices and risky behaviours is very important,’’ Ajiboye advised.

He said that most of the social vices in society such as kidnapping, cultism, armed robbery, rape, cyber-crime, domestic and societal violence, were all connected to drug abuse.

“People abuse both illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin among others, and licit ones, such as tramadol, cigarette, alcohol and pentazocine psychoactive substances,” he said.

He said many factors were recognised as major predictors of drug abuse in the generation, including poor parenting, exposure to technology, and the environment.

He said for poor parenting, parents using any of the psychoactive substances can easily influence their children to use them as well. 

He said a theory in psychology-social learning confirmed this, noting that when a child observed the parents using psychoactive substances, he or she could emulate them.

According to him, some environments can be seen as rearing grounds for drug addicts, adding that in such places, psychoactive substances are readily available, making people have access to and use the substances.

Ajiboye said that for technology, social media had also been recognised as platforms where people learnt how to use psychoactive substances because many posts or advertisements on the internet promote drug abuse.

He explained that the best way that parents could assist their children to stay safe online, is to ensure that they were familiar with technology themselves.


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