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EAGOROK is a Cryptocurrency platform, a centralized platform which enables her users to gain liquidity from our liquidity machine and this liquidity can be used to swap coins and Withdraw to bank account or Cryptocurrency wallet.

Now what's a liquidity pool?

A liquidity pool refers to a pool of tokens that are locked in a smart contract,The pool enables cryptocurrency trading by providing users with liquidity. Liquidity refers to the ease with which a token can be swapped.

Just by activating our liquidity pool machine you are good to go

Once the liquidity pool ends

You can then go to our swap option

once you swap it...a bonus will be added to the amount you got from the liquidity pool and your money will display in naira for Withdrawal.




🦅Registeration Fee: N10000

🦅Welcome bonus:N1000

🦅Liquidity pool activation:N600

(24 hours Liquidity pool Activation)

🦅Eagorok post:N300

🦅Token Swap bonus: N200

🦅Daily Earnings:N1100

🦅 Affliate bonus: N5100

🦅 Indirect referral

Level 1 👉400

Level 2👉200

Level 3👉100

🦅 Minimum withdrawal:N16500

🔰Claw package:

🦅 Registration fee:N6000

🦅 Welcome bonus:N700

🦅 Liquidity pool Activation: N400

( 6hours liquidity pool activation)

🦅 Eagorok post:N100

🦅Token Swap bonus:N100

🦅 Daily Earnings:N600

🦅 Affliate bonus: N3100

🦅 Indirect referral:

Level 1👉 300

Level 2👉200

Level 3👉100

🦅 Minimum withdrawal:N10500

🔰Wings package:

🦅Registration fee:N3000

🦅Welcome bonus:N400

🦅 Liquidity pool Activation:N120

(2hour liquidity pool activation)

🦅 EAGOROK post:N50

🦅Token swap:N50

🦅Daily Earnings:N220

🦅Affliate bonus:N1600

🦅 Indirect referral

Level 1👉150

Level 2👉100

Level 3👉50


Eagorok Income Generation Gateway include:

🔰 Liquidity Activation

🔰Swap bonus

🔰 EAGOROK post

🔰 Affliate bonus


A Liquidity pool is a Pool of Cryptocurrency which Enables trading and swapping of Cryptocurrency by providing users with liquidity.

Our developed liquidity Provider allows users to seemlessly provide liquidity.

Liquidity refers to the ease with which Tokens can be swapped to another token or Fiat Currencies (NGN)

🔰Swap bonus:

Swap refers to exchanging one cryptocurrency you hold for the equivalent value of another cryptocurrency Or fiat currency (NGN)

🔰Eagorok post:

This is Eagorok Bullentin board (information board)

Infos regarding the company would be posted out publicly to our users through the Eagorok post

How ever, once A user shares our Eagorok post A reward will be added to their dashboard

🔰Affliate bonus:

EAGOROK Plans to Compensate partners who Invite thier Downlines to invest with us.

50% of the activation fee would be awarded to such individual.



Withdrawal can be placed in TRX, Dogecoin or Naira

Affliate Withdrawal is every Friday

Liquidity traders (Non referrals withdrawal) is Twice a month precisely

Withdrawal Threshold ⬇️

Affliate withdrawal is N10000 For all packages

Non Affliate Earnings 👇👇👇 

EGOTORIUM package liquidity Activation   ~ N16500

 CLAW Package Liquidity Activation~ N10,500

WINGS Package Liquidity Activation


Our ways to Generate money for seemless non referrals payments to esteemed users


🦅Re-investment of users funds 

🦅Google adsense

🦅Advertising of different brands on our platform

More features would also be added.

With these features

EAGOROK has got the potential of non referrals payment to our end users.

 Please do well to subscribe to our blog and also drop your comment on our comment section to enable you receive first hand informations about Eagorok once we post.

Click on the link below to join our whatsapp group and message the admin for all the necessary guide. 


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