Anambra Govt Demolishes Odumeje’s Church

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The Anambra State government has demolished the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry led by controversial Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, a.k.a ‘Odumeje’ in the commercial city of Onitsha.

This was in line with the Onitsha Urban Renewal Plan spearheaded by Governor Charles Soludo.

The structure was said to be erected along Nwagene stream and had to be removed for the actualisation of the Onitsha Urban Renewal Plan.

A viral footage on the social media shows the moment Armed Taskforce officials manhandled the prophet as he attempted to stop the demolition

Back story

  • The state government had earlier forewarned that it will demolish about 200 houses marked for the exercise at Onitsha, the commercial city of the state.
  • Speaking to landlords on the need to start evacuating affected buildings, he said, “You will see us in action if you disobey. The government will come hard on anyone who attempts to disturb the flow of work. We have all it takes to demolish the buildings, just dynamite and the buildings go in a few seconds. We are not coming for a second meeting again with you people.
  • “There are so many dump sites near residential buildings and water must find its course even if you try to stop it. We don’t want to use force to do it because we are people-oriented.”

Meanwhile, in a viral video online, the popular man of God was seen being manhandled and assaulted by officers of the Anambra state police. Odumeje was pushed around by the officers when he and other senior members of the church tried to stop the demolition exercise.

Several social media reactions have trailed both the demolition of the church and the manhandling of the prophet by the security agents. While many have condemned the demolition of the church, several others have commended the government for taking a bold step to clear the area of illegal structures blocking drainage.

What you should know

One of the focal points of Soludo’s manifesto was to make Anambra the most liveable smart megacity in Nigeria by turning around major urban areas like Onitsha, Nnewi, Ekwuluobia and Awka.

  • Soludo believes that this would help to enforce minimum best practices and standards for the ease of transport, communication, electrification, recreational facilities, and public conveniences.


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