A Man who killed his pregnant  wife has been sentenced to die by hanging in Akwa Ibom

by Michael Ntekim

· Metro


by Akwa Ibom High Court on Friday sentenced one Nkereuwem Emah to death by hangingfor killing his pregnant wife. 

Emah,52, from Mbiabam in Ibiono Ibom local government area of the state was said tohave butchered his wife of 12 years to death on February 12, 2018, while asleepat their residence over allegation of infidelity. 

Ina one hour judgment, the trial judge, Justice Nkanang described the act as a“callous, inexplicable and inexcusable debasement of the marriage institution.” 

Hesaid, “the nature of the weapon resorted to by the accused person inventilating his rage at the victim is a clear pointer that indeed, the accusedperson clearly intended to kill the deceased.” 

Thejudgment came after four years of litigation during which, the prosecutioncalled three witnesses, one of them, the 10-year-old son of the deceased,Christian Sylvanus Etim who narrated how their father killed their mother. 

Accordingto the witness, his father was a mechanic with the State Water Board, and onthe said date, he used a big matchet to cut their mother’s neck while she wasasleep in their house. 

Thetrial judge held, that the accused was guilty of the offence and therebysentenced him to death in compliance with Section 339(2) of the CriminalProcedure Law, Cap 39, Laws of Akwa Ibom State. 

Earlierin his plea for mercy, the accused person had asked the court to temper justicewith mercy and give him another chance to go home and take care of his fivechildren.   


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